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Mind Your Gap? Invisalign Can Be the Solution

gapped front teeth invisalign

Whether you have naturally aligned teeth or not, there may be one element of your smile that’s still plaguing you – a gap between your front teeth. Some people are delighted by this notable characteristic that makes their smile stand out from others and makes them memorable. Plenty of celebrities and models rock their front-teeth gaps: Anna Paquin, Vanessa Paradis, Uzo Aduba, Michael Strahan. But, celeb or not, if your gap makes you self-conscious and uncomfortable, Invisalign could be the solution you’ve been seeking. Continue reading

6 Truths About Invisalign

Invisalign truths

Invisalign is revolutionary. So many people were resigned to crooked teeth forever because they shunned traditional metal braces. Then these amazing practically invisible aligners came long and transformed orthodontia forever. But what’s the real story? What is it really like to live with Invisalign? Here are 10 truths about Invisalign that you need to know. Continue reading

Invisalign: Ideal for the New Dad

Invisalign new dad

New dads tend to get lost in the shuffle of infant needs and the demands a new mom is juggling. At a time when your social life is likely to be on the back burner, your work is status quo, and your partner isn’t really paying all that much attention to you anyway, it’s the perfect moment to do something for yourself that you’ve always wanted to do: straighten your smile. Invisalign can help. Continue reading

Can Invisalign Correct Your Overbite Problem?


Maybe you used a pacifier for too long as a child. Perhaps you sucked your thumb. Or maybe you were simply born with an overbite that was exceptionally cute when you were a toddler but is driving you crazy as an adult. Whether you dislike the appearance of your teeth, feel your overbite draws too much attention to your mouth, or are having painful jaw problems, Invisalign could be the solution to a great number of your oral health complaints. Continue reading

5 Tips for Wearing Invisalign When You Socialize

Invisalign when you socialize

Two of the biggest questions Invisalign-wearers often have at the start of their treatment are, When can I eat? and Do I really have to wear the aligners all the time? You can eat whenever you want, and you don’t have to wear the aligners “all” the time. But there are, of course, shades of grey. If you’re new to Invisalign when the holiday social scene arrives, here are some tips to help you get through the revelry without negatively impacting your orthodontic treatment and still enjoying yourself through the New Year and beyond. Continue reading

Invisalign: The Holiday Gift You Give Yourself

Invisalign gift you give yourself

Whatever holiday you celebrate at the end of the year, there is always an opportunity to exchange gifts with family, friends, and coworkers. Maybe you love what you get, or perhaps you make good use of that gift receipt. Whichever camp you fall into, let’s be completely honest: The only person who can truly get you the gift you want – a straight smile – is yourself. You can start now and feel like the best version of yourself as holiday parties, festivities, and celebrations get into full swing. You’ll head into a new year with a brand new outlook on life, all because of a smile that’s getting straighter by the day, thanks to Invisalign. Continue reading

Invisalign Wins Best Costume for Halloween

Invisalign on halloweenConsumers spend billions of dollars on Halloween candy every year. From chewy to crunchy, chocolatey to gummy, all manner of sweets are available to satisfy your cravings. But many braces-wearers are limited in the kind of candy they are allowed to consume. Whether adult or teen, such restrictions can make October 31 and the weeks surrounding it a little bit of a bummer. For the patients who wear Invisalign, no candy is taboo, but there are best practices to follow to ensure that your oral health doesn’t get spooked. Continue reading

The One Way to Keep Your Invisalign Smile Straight


Invisalign is such a convenient orthodontic solution that patients often expect the road after Invisalign treatment to be equally simple. Post-orthodontic care is relatively easy, but it does still require dedication on the part of the patient. You must wear your retainers after Invisalign or risk your teeth going back to the positions in which they were originally fixed. Continue reading