Get a Summer Smile Makeover in Red Bank

Some people plan summer vacations, others plan to take care of themselves during the warmer months. You will be in good company if you choose to use this time of year to get a smile makeover. Summer is a great time for change, to see the world anew, and to give yourself permission to find […]

Take Better Selfies with Invisalign from Your Red Bank Dentist

Instagram users do their best to post the most perfect and flattering photos of themselves. The Insta devotees who wish they had more smiling selfies may need to invest in a little self-reflection. If you’re embarrassed by your crooked teeth and that’s why your grins are always teeth-free, it’s time to find out what Red […]

Great Graduation Gift? Cosmetic Dentistry from Your Red Bank Dentist

Graduating with a degree in hand and the future ahead of you is invigorating, exciting, and terrifying. Whether it’s a high school diploma, college degree, or further education, completing your studies is a reason to celebrate. There is no better way to step out into the real world than with a new smile from your […]

Get Tiger Woods’ Teeth with Cosmetic Dentistry

Whether you’re a fan of professional golf or not, you’re probably aware of the latest major sports headline: Tiger Woods wins his fifth Masters tournament. This achievement by one of the most notable sports figures of the modern age is punctuated by his celebration – and his giant smile. If you’ve ever noticed Tiger, you’ve […]

Improve Your Online Dating Game with a Smile Makeover

If you’re shy about showing off your teeth in your online dating profile, what’s going to happen if you make a match and then meet in person? Filters don’t work in the real world, but cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry do. A good smile makes you stand out and makes you more approachable, interesting, and […]

5 Characteristics That Make Porcelain Veneers So Great

Porcelain veneers are not one-size-fits-all. This popular cosmetic dentistry procedure leads to a strong and flawless smile no matter what, and each veneer is customized one by one in a dental lab. You and your Red Bank dentist must decide on the characteristics that make each porcelain veneer unique to you and your smile.

Spruce Up with a Spring Smile Makeover

The month of March doesn’t seem to be showing many signs of spring yet, but there’s no reason you can’t focus on cleaning up your smile. The weather will catch up eventually. This time of year is a great opportunity to refresh yourself and feel better about how you look just in time for the […]

Answering Your Biggest Questions About Red Bank Invisalign

Invisalign braces have become such a popular method of straightening teeth that sometimes you just need basic answers to your biggest questions. After all, if you’re going to commit to Invisalign from your Red Bank dentist for a year or more, it’s important to know everything you can about this innovative method for aligning teeth.

Spark Joy with a Smile Makeover

“All you need is less” seems to be the saying many people are living by amid the Marie Kondo fad of tidying up. A beautiful smile, however, is not and will never be a fad. In fact, you can’t have too much of a gorgeous smile. Cosmetic dentistry and a smile makeover will get you to […]

5 Dental Problems Porcelain Tooth Crowns Can Fix

Many people underestimate the versatility and longevity of porcelain crowns. Modern dental crowns are strong, natural-looking, and can upgrade your smile from so-so to amazing.