Don’t Panic: Your Broken Filling Can Be Easily Fixed

You’re brushing your teeth or you’re munching on something soft – and your tooth suddenly falls apart. It makes no sense, especially when you have a supposedly strong filling, but seeing part of a tooth come out of your mouth is enough to cause anyone to panic. Try not to – every dental problem can […]

Start Writing Your Smile Makeover Wish List

‘Tis the season to be jolly and generous, and that includes being good to yourself. When is the last time you prioritized your own needs? Even though you may not have the time or budget to schedule your smile makeover right now, you can certainly make a wish list to work toward – and talk […]

6 Reasons to Be Thankful for Restorative Dentistry

Anyone who is living with a broken-down smile, tooth pain, mouth discomfort, or other oral health complications can attest that their lives are negatively impacted by these problems. If there is one thing they might wish for at this time of year, it’s comfort – freedom from the discomfort of eating gingerly or smiling sparingly. […]

5 Spooky Facts About Halloween Candy and Your Teeth

Every Halloween, dentists see patients with dental problems caused by the type or quantity of candy they ate. Making the right choices in October when candy is everywhere can be the difference between a sweet smile or tooth pain in November. Dentists don’t want to ruin the fun, but they do want to help you […]

Rid Your Smile of All Its Ghosts with Cosmetic Dentistry

Is your smile haunting you? Does it pop out and frighten you when you least expect it? Maybe you realize your teeth are scaring off other people. If you think it’s time for a purification ritual, talk to your Red Bank dentist about cosmetic dentistry. Cast out the bad stuff, usher in the good, and […]

4 Reasons People Are Scared of the Dentist (But Shouldn’t Be)

There is something about the dentist that makes many people uncomfortable. Some people are so distressed by dental appointments that they avoid seeing the dentist altogether. Ignoring the health of your teeth and gums, however, is a route to more than just discomfort – it’s a road to serious pain. Your teeth are important, not […]

5 Life-Changing Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Changing your smile can change your life. If you’re embarrassed or self-conscious about your teeth, improve them to improve how you think of yourself. Give your self-esteem a boost and you’ll be that much more confident about every area of your life. With the right cosmetic dentistry solution, you’ll smile more, speak up, and simply […]

Be the Head of the Class with Customized Teeth Whitening

Whether you’re heading into the new school year as a teacher, student, or parent, you’re leading with your smile. Does it look good enough to earn you an A? Or is it time to work harder? Sometimes all you need is a little bit of cosmetic dentistry to get high marks – a professional teeth-whitening […]

Get Ready to Look Younger with Red Bank Porcelain Veneers

Adults reach a certain age and begin to notice that they don’t look quite as fresh as they once did. Old photos that captured their youth and beauty do not match the current reflection in the mirror. It’s natural to want to hang on to your younger-looking face, but time works against you. Miracle creams […]

Red Bank Dentistry Welcomes New Dentist Dr. Pauline Robinson

For nearly 30 years, Dr. Carole Sherrod Jewell has practiced general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, and orthodontics in Red Bank, NJ. Her regular patients are familiar with Pauline Robinson, Dr. Sherrod Jewell’s niece, who has been a fixture at the practice for years – but now Pauline joins Red Bank Dentistry in a new […]