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5 Reasons Invisalign Wearers Love Halloween

Invisalign wearers love Halloween

Normally, people who are undergoing orthodontic treatment are disgruntled about Halloween. All that delicious candy on the do-not-eat list for braces-wearers – at least, it’s forbidden if you want to avoid damaging your brackets and wires. Invisalign wearers, however, have nothing to fear when it comes to Halloween candy. This day of the year is just one more party they have the freedom to enjoy without restrictions. Continue reading

Can Invisalign Fix Your TMJ Disorder?

Invisalign and TMJ

If you regularly awake with a sore jaw or tension headaches, there is a good chance you are grinding or clenching your teeth at night, also known as TMJ disorder. Side effects from sleep bruxism can include eroded enamel, cracked teeth, and gum recession. Plus, your temporomandibular joint just hurts and facial muscles become sore. Jaw misalignment is a common cause of TMJ disorder. Invisalign and traditional metal braces can both be used to properly reposition the lower jaw in relation to the upper jaw, eliminating TMJ problems while giving you a gorgeous, aligned smile. Continue reading

Adults Can Wear Braces Too, Thanks to Invisalign

Invisalign for adults

If you dreaded the idea of getting braces when you were a teenager, there is no doubt you’re really balking against it now as an adult. However, if your dentist recommends aligning your teeth to help correct TMJ, decay, pain, or other oral health problems, you have options beyond metal braces. Invisalign is beloved by adults who want or need to straighten their teeth, but still want to stay under the radar.

Aligning your smile can help prevent and even reverse many oral health problems. Continue reading

5 Excuses People Make About Why They Can’t Wear Invisalign

Invisalign making excuses

Whatever you think you may or may not know about Invisalign, there is always more to be known, and misperceptions that can be clarified. The truth is this: Invisalign works for many teens and many adults, and you don’t have to make any excuses about why you cannot wear Invisalign. If you need orthodontic treatment for aesthetic reasons alone or to improve chronic oral health problems, Invisalign gets the job done, under the radar. Continue reading

Mind Your Gap? Invisalign Can Be the Solution

gapped front teeth invisalign

Whether you have naturally aligned teeth or not, there may be one element of your smile that’s still plaguing you – a gap between your front teeth. Some people are delighted by this notable characteristic that makes their smile stand out from others and makes them memorable. Plenty of celebrities and models rock their front-teeth gaps: Anna Paquin, Vanessa Paradis, Uzo Aduba, Michael Strahan. But, celeb or not, if your gap makes you self-conscious and uncomfortable, Invisalign could be the solution you’ve been seeking. Continue reading

6 Truths About Invisalign

Invisalign truths

Invisalign is revolutionary. So many people were resigned to crooked teeth forever because they shunned traditional metal braces. Then these amazing practically invisible aligners came long and transformed orthodontia forever. But what’s the real story? What is it really like to live with Invisalign? Here are 10 truths about Invisalign that you need to know. Continue reading