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Adults Can Wear Braces Too, Thanks to Invisalign

Invisalign for adults

If you dreaded the idea of getting braces when you were a teenager, there is no doubt you’re really balking against it now as an adult. However, if your dentist recommends aligning your teeth to help correct TMJ, decay, pain, or other oral health problems, you have options beyond metal braces. Invisalign is beloved by adults who want or need to straighten their teeth, but still want to stay under the radar.

Aligning your smile can help prevent and even reverse many oral health problems.

If you have TMJ…

TMJ is not only painful, it can have negative side effects for your overall oral health. The excessive clenching or grinding of teeth can lead to cracked or broken teeth and gum recession, which can in turn heighten the risk for cavities and periodontal disease.

Jaw misalignment is a common cause of TMJ. Through Invisalign, you can align your jaw and teeth, eliminating TMJ and gaining a straight, flawless smile in the process. If you want to treat TMJ without orthodontics, a specially molded bite guard or the replacement of missing teeth can minimize the triggers and stabilize your bite.

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If you have tooth decay…

Certainly, tooth decay is inevitable if you don’t keep up with visits to your Red Bank dentist every six months. However, if you’re doing everything you can to take care of your teeth at home, and keeping your dental appointments, and you’re still getting cavities, other causes need to be identified. Quite often, misaligned teeth are the cause of tooth decay.

When you can’t properly clean in between or around teeth because of how they are positioned, it’s almost a given that you will get cavities. Invisalign will align all your teeth, a few at a time, making it far easier to maintain a dental care regimen and keep your enamel and gums healthy.

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If you have jaw pain…

Patients who have an overbite or underbite have problems with overlapping teeth. In some cases, jaw pain as well as TMJ can result. Just like traditional orthodontics, Invisalign corrects an incorrectly positioned bite. Moving your teeth into alignment with Invisalign ideally means eliminating jaw pain completely.

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If your teeth are cracked…

If you suffer from TMJ, the pressure your teeth unconsciously exert upon each other can be so severe that teeth will crack. The fallout from cracked teeth can be awful. Even hairline cracks that you may not notice are susceptible to bacteria and plaque. Untreated decay or decay that is far under the surface of your tooth can create a need for fillings and, in the worst cases, tooth extraction.

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It is never too late to align your teeth. The benefits of having a perfectly aligned smile will improve your oral health in the future, which is especially important as you age. Choose a Red Bank dentist who is an experienced Invisalign provider, like Dr. Carole Sherrod Jewell at Red Bank Dentistry. Make an appointment to discuss whether you are a good candidate for Invisalign.