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Getting Married? Is Your Smile Photo-Ready?

BrideGroomSmile2On your wedding day, you will pose for hundreds, perhaps even thousands of photos. Professional pictures, photos taken by family and friends, even selfies – they will all be part of the mix, and you’re going to want to look great in each and every one. No doubt you’ve put a preparation plan into action so that you can show off your best possible self for your wedding, but along with dieting, exercising, tanning, and facials, have you considered your teeth? The thing that’s going to stand out most in your wedding photos – even beyond the gowns, tuxes, and flowers – is your smile, or lack thereof.

Your lips may begin to quiver from holding a smile as you pose for photo after photo during your wedding day, but that’s a good thing. A trembling lip means you’ve been proudly showing off your smile. But if you’re a bride or groom who’ll be wearing a close-mouthed smile, your wedding pics might portray you as someone who is less than enthused (we hope not!) to be standing there in fancy clothes, saying vows and saying “Cheese!”

Solutions for a Wedding-Ready Smile

Couples want to look back at their wedding photos with happiness and see evidence of a day when they were truly at their finest. Being self-conscious about your teeth can prevent you from looking natural, healthy, or happy. So what is it that’s getting in the way of that smile?

Are your teeth stained? A one-hour in-office professional teeth whitening can get even the biggest procrastinator ready for their close-ups before the big day.

Are you still sporting the same crooked smile that’s always bothered you? If you’ve got enough time between now and your wedding day, Invisalign braces can do the straightening work under the radar thanks to clear and unnoticeable aligners.

Maybe you have more severe oral health issues, like periodontal disease, that are compromising the foundation of your teeth and therefore your smile. Undergoing gum disease treatment can put your mouth back to rights and prepare it for any appropriate cosmetic dentistry to get you smile-ready.

Porcelain veneers can give you a natural-looking, white smile, correcting problems like gapped, chipped, or irreversibly stained teeth. An even more popular and less-invasive option are long-lasting Lumineers, which are easy to apply and do not require any of the natural tooth to be altered before they can be put into place.

Beyond the Wedding Photos

You won’t just be smiling for pictures all day at your wedding, but you’ll also be greeting and talking with guests all day long. Even if you think you can conceal a bad smile well enough in photos, it’ll be a challenge to hide major tooth flaws or bad breath when you’re face-to-face with someone.

If you’re missing teeth, dental implants will give you a secure, natural smile. If your dentures are less than reliable and make you nervous about digging into your delicious wedding meal, dental implants are the solution there as well. You can chew and speak with confidence.

Many cosmetic or restorative dentistry treatments can be completed in as little as two visits to the dentist. If you think it isn’t worth it, remember that all the preparations for your wedding day are celebrating the future ahead. Taking care of your oral health – which is often directly linked to your overall health and well-being – will get you on the right foot to a healthier you and a solid, happy, smile-filled marriage. Contact Red Bank Dentistry to schedule your free initial consultation and find out what can be done about your smile before you say, “I do.”