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Sean C

I just walked in to get some information, but ended up eager to get my dental condition remedied. I was greeted promptly with welcoming smiles. Despite their very busy schedule I was seen in a marrer of minutes. Dr. Carol’s bedside manner was examplary as well as her remarkable warm staff. My intention was to just gather information on teeth whitening, but ended up getting a gental cleaning into a teeth whitening procedure. I believe for most patients a visit to the dentist induces some form of of apprehesitation. However, my visit and subsequent treatment was not intimidating in the least. Dr. Carole’s persona put me at ease by meticuousluy explaining every step in my treatment. I will continue to praise her staff as professionals of the highest caliber second to none. I would without hesitation promote her practice, as an example for other practioners to follow. Rehards, Sean

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