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Get a New Smile in the New Year

new smile new year red bank dentistryYou want 2021 to look, feel, and be better than 2020. While there are certainly some things that are out of your control, there are others that are solidly in your hands. Namely, your smile. If you have been unhappy with or embarrassed by your teeth, this is the year to make a change. Committing to a new smile is one resolution that will have serious staying power.

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Put a Smile Makeover on Your Wish List

smile makeover holiday red bank dentistWhat’s on your wish list this holiday season? If the state of your smile has been on your mind, perhaps you’re thinking about cosmetic dentistry and what kind of smile makeover might be right for you. When you invest in your oral health, you will improve your appearance and your confidence will skyrocket. Work with your Red Bank dentist to find just the right smile upgrades for you.

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Plan Your Smile Makeover for When Life Gets Back to Normal

smile makeover after quarantine red bank dentistMaybe you have some extra time on your hands during the stay-at-home restrictions put in place because of COVID-19. Maybe you need a distraction from all the additional responsibilities that have been added to your list. Whatever situation you’re in, if you are ready to do some self-care, you can use this quarantine to plan your smile makeover. When the time comes to finally invest in cosmetic dentistry, you’ll be ready.

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Gapped Teeth? Feel Lucky Every Day with Cosmetic Dentistry

red bank dentist gapped teeth cosmetic dentistryEveryone’s smile is unique, but some smiles have a common characteristic – delightfully gapped front teeth known as lucky teeth. A diastema is a space or gap between two teeth, and while some folks want to eliminate this gap, others embrace it. So, are you feeling lucky by sticking with what you have? Or are you choosing to make your own luck by undergoing cosmetic dentistry?

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12 Ways to Improve Your Smile in 2020

smile makeover cosmetic dentistry 2020 red bank dentistry

There is no shortage of ways to make your smile look better. Depending on how your teeth look now and the condition of your oral health, you may be a good candidate for cosmetic dentistry, or you may need restorative dentistry to rebuild the foundation of your smile. No matter what camp you fall into, here are 12 ways to improve your smile in 2020.

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Improve Your Online Dating Game with a Smile Makeover

If you’re shy about showing off your teeth in your online dating profile, what’s going to happen if you make a match and then meet in person? Filters don’t work in the real world, but cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry do. A good smile makes you stand out and makes you more approachable, interesting, and attractive. Whether in photos or in person, having great teeth is often the element that wins you the upper hand, and the love match.

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Spruce Up with a Spring Smile Makeover

spring smile makeover red bank dentistry

The month of March doesn’t seem to be showing many signs of spring yet, but there’s no reason you can’t focus on cleaning up your smile. The weather will catch up eventually. This time of year is a great opportunity to refresh yourself and feel better about how you look just in time for the warmer months. It’ll be a wonderful summer ahead when you use the springtime to upgrade your teeth with a smile makeover.

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Spark Joy with a Smile Makeover

spark joy smile makeover red bank dentist cosmetic dentistry

“All you need is less” seems to be the saying many people are living by amid the Marie Kondo fad of tidying up. A beautiful smile, however, is not and will never be a fad. In fact, you can’t have too much of a gorgeous smile. Cosmetic dentistry and a smile makeover will get you to the point where your smile will spark joy every day, every time you look in the mirror.

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You’re Never Too Old for a Red Bank Smile Makeover

red bank dentist smile makeover

If you’ve reached an age where you feel like you need a smile makeover but think you’re simply too old to indulge yourself, know this: A smile makeover would significantly improve your appearance and not every makeover involves major work, time, money, or commitment. In fact, some smile makeovers are small in every way but offer maximum impact no matter what age you are.

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