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4 Reasons to Choose At-Home Teeth Whitening

at-home teeth whitening red bank dentistWhen a friend recommends at-home teeth whitening, they probably mean an over-the-counter product that worked well enough to brighten their teeth a little. When your Red Bank dentist recommends at-home teeth whitening, they mean the professional version, the kind that is customized just for you and promises to transform your smile into the brightest, whitest version it has ever been.

Here are just five reasons to choose professional at-home teeth whitening.

1. Convenience

You think it’s convenient to go to the dental care aisle at your local pharmacy or place an order online for DIY white strips or whitening toothpastes. Maybe this is easier than making an appointment to see your dentist and sit in the dentist’s chair for an hour for an in-office teeth whitening. However, taking home whitening trays from your Red Bank dentist are the ultimate in convenience because you get to brighten your teeth on your own time and schedule, no appointment necessary.

2. Customization

You aren’t sent home from your cosmetic dentist’s office with just any set of teeth-whitening products. When you opt for at-home whitening, your dentist will make molds of your teeth and fit you for unique, customized trays that suit your mouth perfectly. This ensures an even whitening treatment and minimizes any chances of irritation.

3. Comfort

Users of strips intended to whiten teeth can attest that the product can be problematic. The gel on the strip will ooze out and could irritate the gums. Any of the products that are not carefully calibrated to a person’s oral health and needs have the potential to create unpleasant sensations and side effects. Wearing take-home whitening trays that were made for your mouth makes your effort to brighten up your teeth that much easier.

4. Effectiveness

While store-bought whitening treatment are accessible enough, that doesn’t mean they’re effective enough. You might brighten your teeth a little over time, but you might not. You might brighten a few but not all of them. There is no guarantee that a DIY gel or paste or strip is going to be the thing that really makes your smile white. The ingredients in your dentist’s whitening products, however – they are guaranteed to make a good candidate’s smile multiple shades whiter.

The KöR Deep Bleaching Treatment

KöR deep bleaching is the most effective teeth whitening process, even for patients who have medication-stained teeth or tooth sensitivity. Your dentist will send you home with your personalized trays and whitening gel, along with instructions about how and when to administer the treatments for the best results.

The process is usually carried out over two weeks and the trays are worn while you sleep. This effort will be followed up by an in-office bleaching treatment to complete the entire whitening process. The KöR treatment can last for years with proper brushing and flossing and regular visits to your dentist for cleanings, but you can do touch-ups periodically along the way if you feel your smile needs it.

Ready to whiten up your smile? Find out all the cosmetic dentistry options that can work for you. Contact Dr. Carole Sherrod Jewell or Dr. Pauline Robinson at Red Bank Dentistry in Red Bank, New Jersey.

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