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Boost Your Instagram Presence with Red Bank Invisalign


What do Instagram and Invisalign have in common? On the surface, not much. Dig deep, however, and you’ll realize that both are all about appearances, about making everything look good. Red Bank Invisalign, though, can make permanent changes that no photo filter can ever achieve. That’s something worth posting about.

Take Better Insta Selfies

Instagram is all about the photo. The goal is to be casual and easy on this social media platform and make every pic look effortless and fun, but any user knows it’s a lot of smoke and mirrors. Invisalign can help your cause.

If you opt to get Invisalign, your teeth will look better and better with every new photo you post. And no one will be any wiser that you’re getting your teeth straightened all the while.

Promote Your Invisalign

If you don’t care about staying under the radar with your Red Bank Invisalign treatment, if you in fact relish the idea of photo-journaling your experience, then you can use it to your social media advantage. Hashtag your months-long adventure with this revolutionary alignment method with #invisalignpatient #newaligners #invisalignisbetterthanbraces and other appropriate tags.

You might even become a social media influencer if you’re open and honest about your Invisalign experience. People will want to know what it’s really like to wear the aligners, what they look like after a day of wear, whether it really is that easy to eat whatever you want (it is).

Your Instagram presence is up to you. Making your Invisalign experience front-and-center is a popular option.

Be the Cool Kid

Adults might understand the beauty of a fully aligned smile, but they don’t relish the idea of having brackets and wires on their teeth. No surprise then that teens are even less excited about this rite of passage. As it turns out, your adolescent might be a great candidate for Invisalign Teen.

This unique version of Invisalign comes with a few teenage-related benefits, like room in the aligners for teeth that are still erupting, and blue wear indicators that tell your Red Bank Invisalign provider that the aligners are being worn as often as they’re supposed to be.

Plus, teens love their social media. No reason to interrupt regularly scheduled programing with braces. If Invisalign is an option, the teen in your life could be a great candidate.

Whiten Up

Another great perk of Red Bank Invisalign is that it usually is followed by a round of professional teeth whitening once your treatment is complete. Not only will your teeth be straighter, they’ll be multiple shades whiter too for a well-rounded smile makeover.

The thing to discuss with your Red Bank cosmetic dentist before you begin any sort of treatment, though, are your smile goals. Do you have teeth that can be whitened? If not, the best road to straight, bright teeth might be porcelain veneers instead of Invisalign.

Schedule your appointment with Dr. Carole Sherrod Jewell or Dr. Pauline Robinson to discuss all the smile makeover options available to you.

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