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Invisalign: It’s More Than Just Cosmetic

More benefits of Invisalign braces

You want your teeth to be straight. Invisalign makes that happen and no one even needs to know you’re wearing braces thanks to the nearly invisible aligners. But you may not be aware of the other amazing benefits Invisalign provides, along with a perfectly aligned smile.

Enjoy Healthier Teeth

It’s simple: Straight teeth are easier to clean. When your teeth are crooked or overlapping or even gapped, they can be hard to clean thoroughly. The floss and toothbrush will not reach all the important places. Even when you keep up with dental cleanings every six months, it’s still necessary to maintain oral health in between appointments so you don’t develop decay or other oral health problems. You can make that as easy as possible by giving yourself a straight smile with Invisalign. 

Get Trim

If you’ve been looking for a more effective and long-lasting way to jumpstart your goal to lose a few pounds, Invisalign could be it. This treatment requires you to leave the aligners in your mouth for 20 to 22 hours a day. You must remove Invisalign for every meal – and for every snack. If you are forced to think twice before you pop a piece of chocolate in your mouth or indulge in a soda, you’re more likely to just skip it so you don’t waste any valuable straightening time. It may not seem like a lot but, over time, these smarter choices will add up, and your waistline will go down.

Break Your Bad Habits

Do you sip on coffee or soda all day? Do you regularly have a hard candy in your mouth? You leave yourself open to developing serious tooth decay when your tooth enamel is constantly exposed to sugars and bacteria. Do you gnaw on ice or unconsciously chew on your pen? You can easily chip or break a tooth. Invisalign demands that you change your bad habits so you can protect your customized aligners and allow your Invisalign treatment to continue as it should.

Eliminate TMJ

When your teeth are in alignment, the temporomandibular joint is free to open and close, and it does so without pain. Crooked teeth create stress on the jaw joint, and this can lead to TMJ disorder, which involves inflammation, soreness, and, eventually, deterioration. Invisalign straightens your bite and eliminates irritation, which means you’re less likely to grind your teeth at night, putting your tooth enamel and gums at risk.

Say Hello to a New You

Ultimately, Invisalign will make your smile look amazing. That’s the goal, after all. But the improved self-confidence that comes with this change is impossible to quantify. You will feel so much better about yourself when you know that you’re leading with a flawless, straight smile. And when you combine the results Invisalign treatment with a teeth-whitening treatment, your smile will be multiple shades whiter too. You’ll be smiling so much you’ll feel happier, look better, and be more likely to succeed professionally and personally. 

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