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Do You Wear Invisalign? You’ll Have a Very Happy Halloween

Halloween candy and invisalignCandy, candy, candy! It’s October and that means it’s time for Halloween, but the sweets don’t only come out on All Hallows Eve. Candy is around in force all month long and far after. And it’s not just your kids that you have to keep after to limit their sugar intake. Adults can get just as hooked on the goodies. But, no matter what age you are, munching on Halloween candy is far sweeter when you’re wearing Invisalign than if you’re wearing traditional metal braces. 

Before we discuss why Invisalign makes Halloween so much more fun for people undergoing orthodontic treatment, let’s talk about some best practices for eating Halloween candy in general. 

  • Everything in moderation: If you’re going to pig out on Halloween candy, at least try to do it all in one sitting. Snacking on candy corn all day long or sucking on lollipops or hard candy for long periods of time exposes your teeth to a constant sugar and acid bath. Do your mouth a favor and get your fill in one swoop, so then you put your teeth in less peril, and you can go brush and floss immediately afterward.
  • Use your zombie brain: Orthodontists have reported that the week following Halloween is one of the busiest thanks to destroyed metal braces and dental injuries. Your cosmetic dentistry or other dental work isn’t immune to the sticky stuff so be careful just how much you indulge! Avoid chewy, sticky, crunchy, or hard sweets because they’re more likely to break teeth or pull out your fillings. And avoid the temptation to bite down on a lollipop or piece of hard candy so you aren’t in danger of cracking a tooth.
  • If you must indulge, go dark: Dark chocolate, that is. Chocolate is one of the better types of candy for your teeth because it is less likely to coat the enamel like the completely sugary candies. It’s also washed off more easily with water so when you can’t brush after eating Halloween candy, at least the chocolate gets bathed away with your beverage. 

Don’t let your oral health be haunted by Halloween candy >> 

Now, on to the point of this post: Braces-wearers are seriously limited in the types of Halloween candy they can enjoy. The wires and brackets might be made of metal, but they are still fragile in their own way, and the gooey, sticky candies will inevitably get stuck in the hardware, and could even destroy it. Invisalign-wearers need only remove their aligners to enjoy their favorite Halloween treats. Just make sure you clean your teeth before popping those invisible trays back in your mouth to avoid trapping sugar and bacteria in there.

Invisalign is amazing at Halloween and all year long because you don’t have any food restrictions. You can straighten your teeth practically in secret and still maintain a balanced diet and eat the foods you love because the aligners are removed for every meal. If you’re ready to finally straighten your smile, make your appointment with Dr. Carole Sherrod Jewell, a certified Invisalign provider, to discuss whether you’re a candidate for Invisalign. Contact Red Bank Dentistry to schedule your free initial consultation.