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Shopping for a New Smile from Your Red Bank Dentist?

new smile Red Bank dentist

If you are a fan of Black Friday or Cyber Monday, both occasions celebrate getting a good deal on something you really want. When a new smile is on your wish list, you don’t want to find a bargain, but you do want a smile makeover that suits your budget and smile goals. The right Red Bank dentist will tell you the options that will deliver for you. Continue reading

7 Invisalign Rules You’ll Be Happy to Follow

Invisalign rules Red Bank Dentistry

If you are prepared to make the commitment to straighten your teeth, you will be more than satisfied with the results of Invisalign braces. There are plenty of rules that come with wearing any sort of orthodontia.

If you thrive on order, knowing exactly what you must do, how long you must do it, and when things need to change will invigorate you, and help you have an incredibly successful course of Invisalign treatment. Continue reading

Mama to Be? Pregnancy Can Affect Your Oral Health

Pregnant woman More than half of pregnant women do not get dental exams, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG). There’s likely one main reason why these mothers-to-be drag their feet about taking care of their teeth and gums: An overwhelming concern that dental treatment could harm their unborn babies. In fact, the opposite is true – not taking care of your teeth is what could harm your baby and you. Continue reading

Looks Do Matter: Your Smile Can Impact Your Career

AdultBusinessmanIt would be nice to believe that looks really don’t have anything to do with your professional life, but if your career involves any sort of face-to-face interaction on a daily basis, your teeth will be one of the first things people see. If your smile is memorable for any reason but a good one, it’s time to consider how a broken-down smile might be impacting your success. Continue reading