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Call on Your Red Bank Dentist to Give Your Career a Boost

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Your dentist and your career – what do they have in common? It’s not what’s similar, it’s what one can do for the other. If you find yourself struggling in your chosen career field, mostly because you feel self-conscious about your appearance, signing up for a smile makeover from your Red Bank dentist will boost your confidence and chances for career success.

Good Teeth Matter, Whatever Your Line of Work

People with great teeth may be perfectly aware that their smile influences other people or enhances the message they’re conveying, on or off the job. People who are less fortunate in the dental department are also fully aware of just how much their crooked, stained, aged, or unsightly teeth are negatively impacting their job performance.

When you feel uncomfortable in your own skin, it’s far worse than having to make a presentation with a coffee stain on your shirt or a bad hair day. Teeth are what they are, and there is no concealing what’s wrong with the intervention and help of your Red Bank dentist.

Whether you teach, litigate, sell, make house calls, or get up close and personal with any client, colleague, or customer daily, your confidence will be improved tenfold by a great smile. Even if you aren’t feeling your best or knocking it out of the park in your attire, your smile will always be on point. In fact, your smile can be so outstanding that it will make other people not even notice what else may be lacking.

Boost Your Brilliance with a Smile Makeover

Expressing your opinion, selling a service or product or idea, persuading others, conveying a message, educating the next generation – job responsibilities like these are far more effective when you know you look good. It’s not just how other people perceive you, it’s how you perceive yourself.

If you have yellowish or discolored teeth, a professional teeth-whitening treatment may be the ticket to more smiles. If the stains go beyond the surface of the tooth, porcelain veneers may be the best choice for overhauling your smile. Not only will veneers get rid of the stains, they will cover every other aesthetic complaint you have, from gaps to misalignment to chips and more.

Simple procedures such as tooth-colored composite fillings or simply a long-overdue teeth cleaning can be the difference between you smiling more and keeping your mouth shut. And the latter isn’t good for anyone’s career goals.

In short, if your teeth look, you will feel good, and you will ooze confidence. People say, “Dress for the job you want.” Your smile can be far more persuasive than a power suit.

Find Career Success with a New Smile

If you’re seeking a new job, a promotion, or trying to land a major deal, client, or customer, a smile makeover can be the difference between success and failure. Your image matters, and a great smile from your Red Bank dentist can pave the way to a thriving career. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Carole Sherrod Jewell in Red Bank today. Get on the road to a new you.