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5 Alignment Problems That Can Be Corrected with Invisalign

Invisalign alignment issues

Invisalign can seem too good to be true if you don’t know much about this orthodontic innovation. However, Invisalign really can work dental miracles. Nearly every alignment issue that can be corrected with traditional metal braces can also be corrected with Invisalign. After a thorough examination, your Red Bank dentist will let you know for sure, but if you have one of the following problems, don’t give up yet on the possibility of under-the-radar tooth alignment.

1. Overcrowded Teeth

When your mouth doesn’t have room for all your teeth, the condition known as overcrowding occurs. This can cause teeth to shift out of alignment, overlap, and become crooked. Overcrowding is also responsible for causing problems such as plaque buildup and tooth decay because it’s difficult to clean between the teeth. This alignment issue is a common one. Because overcrowding can be unsightly, teens and adults alike seek orthodontic treatment to help correct this problem. With Invisalign, more room can be made and teeth will be healthier.

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2. Overbite

An overbite is when the upper and lower jaws overlap because of an overdeveloped upper jaw. Sometimes this issue is genetic, and sometimes bad oral habits like thumb sucking and extended pacifier use can cause an overbite. Left untreated, an overbite can have a negative impact on the health of your gums and cause irritation and enamel erosion. Plus, an overbite is quite noticeable, and people who have his alignment issue can be self-conscious about their appearance. A customized course of Invisalign treatment can correct this problem.

3. Underbite

An underbite is usually caused by an overdeveloped lower jaw or an upper jaw that is underdeveloped. The severity of an underbite varies, but people who have this alignment problem may experience enamel erosion and even painful jaw problems, just like those with an overbite. After careful examination, and depending on how pronounced your underbite is, your Red Bank dentist will determine whether Invisalign is the best course of orthodontic treatment.

4. Gapped Teeth

In many cases, gapped teeth are merely an aesthetic issue and not an oral health issue caused by extra jawbone growth. However, there are some cases in which severely gapped teeth can increase the risk of tooth decay. If you have gapped teeth because teeth are missing, this situation creates a serious alignment issue, causing teeth to shift around to fill in the holes the absent teeth created. Invisalign is an effective solution for tightening gapped teeth into an aligned and healthy smile.

5. Open Bite

Sometimes confused with an overbite, an open bite is a condition where the top and bottom teeth do not touch at all. The top teeth may stick out in an arch, particularly if thumb sucking is the reason for the open bite. Leaving an open bite untreated can lead to impairment of speech, TMJ, chewing problems, and other oral health complications. Invisalign can be a viable option for correcting an open bite.

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If you or your child has a noticeable problem with tooth alignment, Invisalign can be the ticket to a straight smile. Visit Red Bank dentist Dr. Carole Sherrod Jewell for an evaluation to find out if you or your teen is a candidate for Invisalign.

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