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Invisalign Wins Best Costume for Halloween

Invisalign on halloweenConsumers spend billions of dollars on Halloween candy every year. From chewy to crunchy, chocolatey to gummy, all manner of sweets are available to satisfy your cravings. But many braces-wearers are limited in the kind of candy they are allowed to consume. Whether adult or teen, such restrictions can make October 31 and the weeks surrounding it a little bit of a bummer. For the patients who wear Invisalign, no candy is taboo, but there are best practices to follow to ensure that your oral health doesn’t get spooked.

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The One Way to Keep Your Invisalign Smile Straight


Invisalign is such a convenient orthodontic solution that patients often expect the road after Invisalign treatment to be equally simple. Post-orthodontic care is relatively easy, but it does still require dedication on the part of the patient. You must wear your retainers after Invisalign or risk your teeth going back to the positions in which they were originally fixed.

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