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What Kind of Invisalign Wearer Are You?

invisalign wearer

Perhaps you’re someone who has always wanted straight teeth, but you never had the time or inclination to actually do something about this wish. There are always excuses for not tending to your oral health, especially when misalignment is the problem and you’ve simply learned to live with your crooked teeth or gaps between your teeth. But there is an easy solution to correct your smile: Invisalign. So let’s look at a few examples of how this orthodontic treatment can fit your lifestyle. Continue reading

Your Orthodontic Checklist: Caring for Invisalign Aligners

cleaning invisalign

Invisalign is a relatively straightforward method of aligning teeth. You wear the clear aligners for a minimum of 20 hours a day. You change the almost-invisible aligners as indicated by your dentist in your customized orthodontic plan, usually every two weeks, give or take. Your teeth move as they’re supposed to and, over time, your teeth and jaw are aligned. But what about caring for your aligners? Because they’re certainly not self-cleaning. Turns out, this task is pretty clear-cut too. Continue reading