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Restorative Dentistry Will Fix Your Damaged Tooth

restorative dentistry red bank dentistryOnce you have a damaged tooth, the only solution is to see your Red Bank dentist for the appropriate restorative dentistry solution. A compromised tooth can always be corrected, but it’s up to you to give your dentist the opportunity to figure out what’s best for your oral health. If you get help right away, you can avoid any unnecessary discomfort and maintain a beautiful, healthy, strong smile.

Fix a Fractured Tooth

If a tooth is chipped or cracked, the fracture will only get worse without your dentist’s intervention. Dental problems simply do not repair themselves. Getting your damaged tooth repaired sooner rather than later is the smart move because you save your tooth from additional problems like cavities or infections. Should you develop either of those problems and sit on them for too long, you will eventually need a cavity filled or root canal therapy to stop the pain.

Porcelain tooth crowns are one of the best ways to fix a fractured tooth. If your Red Bank dentist finds that your damaged tooth has not led to further problems yet, you can stop any bad situations in their tracks by getting a crown. These customized caps protect a fractured tooth from food particles and bacteria, which keeps decay out. The crown also strengthens a tooth which is now at risk of deterioration because of its fracture.

The best part of a crown is that it works as a restorative dentistry solution and also a cosmetic dentistry solution. The crown is carefully designed and tinted to match the rest of your tooth enamel and the cap blends in completely with your smile, so no one ever needs to know that you had any work done.

Replace Damaged or Old Dental Work

Dental work is strong and the materials used to repair your teeth are intended to last a long time. But as the years pass and you put those teeth to work every day, eventually dental restorations can begin to deteriorate and need to be replaced. The likelihood of this occurring is even greater if you grind your teeth and put excess pressure on your tooth enamel.

Sometimes, the new solution for your old dental work is different than what’s already going on in your mouth. For example, instead of an onlay to replace an onlay, a porcelain tooth crown may be the smarter choice to fully protect your entire tooth.

Silver fillings are notorious for expanding and compromising the strength of a tooth, leading to cracks and, eventually, decay or infection. If you have a silver filling that’s turning your tooth gray and even tinting the color of your gums, it’s time to replace it with a tooth-colored composite filling. This not only looks better it’s safer for your teeth and overall health and well-being.

Get Restorative Dentistry in Red Bank

Are you living with a problem tooth that is ruining the appearance of your smile and causing you discomfort? Schedule an appointment with Dr. Carole Sherrod Jewell or Dr. Pauline Robinson at Red Bank Dentistry to learn more about the restorative dentistry solutions that are right for you. Contact us today.

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