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Is Stress Ruining Your Smile? 3 Repairs for Damaged Teeth

damaged teeth red bank dentistryEveryone experiences stress, but the level of stress you’re dealing with will vary depending on what’s happening in your life. Dentists are reporting the increased need to treat cracked and damaged teeth during the global pandemic, undoubtedly brought on by stress and worry. Don’t allow your oral health to deteriorate during this time. You can safely visit your Red Bank dentist and take care of your damaged teeth.

1. TMJ Treatment

When you’re under stress, it’s not uncommon to grind and clench your teeth, especially while you sleep. This can lead to side effects like headaches, jaw pain, ringing ears, neck pain, a locking jaw, a popping sound when you open your mouth, and a problem known as temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. This common condition affects the joints that connect the lower jawbone to your skull.

While any teeth that have already been damaged will need to be dealt with, it is also critical to address the problem itself to prevent more dental complications. TMJ treatment can take various forms. In many cases, a specially molded bite guard can be created to be worn while sleeping to protect the teeth from gnashing against each other. If necessary, muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatory medication, and relaxation techniques can be prescribed.

2. Porcelain Crown

If you have cracked or chipped a tooth because you grind your teeth or are unconsciously chewing on objects to relieve stress, you will want to have the problem fixed right away. Any damage to tooth enamel is an invitation for bacteria and food particles to get inside the tooth. This can lead to decay, of course, but it can also lead to more serious infections like an abscess and the need for root canal therapy.

Correcting a damaged tooth before it becomes further compromised is always the smart choice. A tooth-colored porcelain crown can be customized to cover and protect your problem tooth so it looks natural and blends in with the rest of your teeth.

3. Invisalign

Sometimes it’s not stress that’s causing your damaged teeth, but misalignment. If you are grinding your teeth or your bite is off, your teeth may not be properly aligned in your mouth, which can lead to problems. Customized Invisalign treatment can reshape your bite so your teeth and jaw are in the proper positions. This will alleviate any unnecessary movements that threaten the health of your teeth, prevent damage from developing, and leave you with a beautiful, healthy smile.

Fix Your Damaged Teeth in Red Bank

Living through this troubling time is taking its toll on bodies and minds. It’s essential to prioritize your health in all ways, and that includes your oral health.

We are here at Red Bank Dentistry to take care of our patients and their ongoing and developing oral health concerns and conditions. Cleanings are still important, addressing dental problems is critical, and we urge you to contact us today if you have a pressing issue. There is a repair for everything you’re experiencing – you can be free from pain and discomfort with our help.

Contact Dr. Carole Sherrod Jewell or Dr. Pauline Robinson at our Red Bank, NJ, dental office to make an appointment.

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