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Invisalign + Busy Professional = Success

Invisalign for professionalsMany professional adults want straighter teeth, but may feel they just don’t have time for orthodontia (or a “brace face” once they’ve passed their 18th birthday). Invisalign is an under-the-radar answer to straight teeth that’s making professionals everywhere happy because they can get the smile they want without making this cosmetic adjustment obvious to colleagues, clients, or coworkers.

Invisalign Works Quickly and Effectively

No adult has time for extra visits to the dentist beyond two annual appointments for a cleaning and exam. Invisalign doesn’t add that much time in the dentist’s chair to your schedule. The invisible aligners you wear to straighten your teeth are switched out every two weeks until your issues have been resolved. On average, the Invisalign course of treatment takes about 12 months to complete, far less time than needed for traditional braces.

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Invisalign Is Easy to Wear

The look of braces is often what makes busy adults drag their feet about any sort of straightening treatment. Invisalign aligners were designed with aesthetics in mind. Made of a thin, clear, durable, plastic material, the aligners – which must be worn 20-22 hours a day – are meant to make orthodontia easy and convenient. You can still give speeches, run meetings, or have conference calls while wearing Invisalign – no one needs to know you’re wearing the aligners unless you care to tell them. There are no worries about getting food stuck between brackets and wires – you need only remove your Invisalign aligners before meals. This also means you don’t have any diet restrictions with Invisalign – something traditional braces-wearers are not able to enjoy.

Invisalign Care Is Simple

Traditional braces require special brushing techniques – not to mention a lot of time and patience – to make sure all the nooks and crannies are properly cleaned and flossed on a daily basis. If people tend to skimp on brushing or flossing at the end of a day because they’re tired and just don’t feel like it, succumbing to this habit is even worse for braces-wearers who must be extra-diligently about keeping their mouth and orthodontia clean. Invisalign is easy to pop out for regular brushings then put right back in place.

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