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Why It’s So Important to Have Sleep Apnea Diagnosed

sleep apnea diagnosis

Over 22 million Americans have a sleep apnea condition and more than 80 percent of moderate to severe sleep apnea cases are undiagnosed. On average, our lungs allow us to take 20,000 breaths in a 24-hour span, however, sleep apnea decreases this number significantly because the condition is responsible for causing breathing to stop. Though the pauses in breathing may last only a few seconds, some sleep apnea sufferers go minutes without breathing, repeatedly throughout the night, making this condition a life-threatening one. Continue reading

5 Alignment Problems That Can Be Corrected with Invisalign

Invisalign alignment issues

Invisalign can seem too good to be true if you don’t know much about this orthodontic innovation. However, Invisalign really can work dental miracles. Nearly every alignment issue that can be corrected with traditional metal braces can also be corrected with Invisalign. After a thorough examination, your Red Bank dentist will let you know for sure, but if you have one of the following problems, don’t give up yet on the possibility of under-the-radar tooth alignment. Continue reading