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Invisalign Makes Maintaining Good Oral Health Easy

One of the biggest concerns that braces-wearers have is how they’re going to keep their teeth clean while wearing brackets and wires on their teeth. How do you get the floss in there? Do you need special tools? Is that piece of lettuce ever going to come out from under that front bracket? When you wear Invisalign, maintaining good oral hygiene is easy. Continue reading

Don’t Let Braces Interrupt Your Lifestyle: 4 Reasons to Choose Invisalign

Invisalign doesn't interrupt your life
Job interview? First date? Stage performance? Major presentation? Whatever you have going on, your orthodontic treatment doesn’t have to take center stage. Instead of showing up with embarrassing metal brackets on your teeth, arrive unaltered, invisibly straightening your teeth all the while. Invisalign makes it possible to live your life as you always have – just with gradually straighter teeth.  Continue reading