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Dislike the Look of Braces? Choose Invisalign from Your Red Bank Dentist

dislike the look of braces choose invisalign red bank dentist

Braces are strong, effective, and have given millions of people straight, healthy teeth. But, let’s face it – they’re not the most attractive things out there. If you want to move your teeth into alignment without sporting a metal mouth, Invisalign braces from your Red Bank dentist will make it happen.

Braces vs. Invisalign

Invisalign has been around for a long time, but it’s natural to question the effectiveness of something that seems too good to be true. You can get straight teeth without anyone seeing your braces? It’s true. Here are some other important facts to keep in mind:

  • Invisalign can correct just about every misalignment problem that conventional metal braces can correct.
  • Invisalign treatment is usually faster than metal braces. For some people, Invisalign takes half the time to complete, an average of 12 months.
  • Invisalign aligners are smooth and thin unlike the bumpiness and sharpness of metal braces.
  • You only see your Red Bank dentist for quick Invisalign check-ups about every six weeks instead of once a month.
  • You’re less likely to have complications or difficulties with Invisalign – there are no broken wires or brackets to deal with.

Invisalign: The Discreet Way to Straighten Your Teeth

Many adults choose Invisalign because this hard-to-see orthodontic treatment doesn’t interfere with their job, social life, and responsibilities. For example:

  • Important meeting or presentation? Get up there with confidence because no one will see your aligners.
  • Flirting? You won’t send any mixed signals when you’re feeling good about your smile and aren’t afraid to flash it.
  • First date? Easily remove your aligners for meals so you can eat whatever you want without Invisalign getting in the way.
  • Traveling? Keep a travel toothbrush and floss at the ready and your Invisalign case. Then go about your business or leisure trip as though you don’t have braces at all.
  • Want to take a selfie? Smile big – your Invisalign will be invisible.

Throughout Invisalign treatment, your teeth will straighten a few at a time. The aligners are designed to move certain teeth at specific times until every tooth is where it belongs.

Many adults who wear braces don’t only have the motivation of closing gaps and correcting crooked teeth, they want to eliminate the jaw problems that are causing their TMJ issues or clenching and grinding of their teeth. They want their teeth to be easier to clean so they will be healthier. They want to get a professional teeth-whitening treatment to complete their smile makeover.

The benefits of Invisalign are clear (pun intended) during and after treatment. Contact experienced Red Bank dentist and Red Bank Invisalign provider Dr. Carole Sherrod Jewell to find out if you’re a good candidate for this effective and under-the-radar method of straightening your smile. Schedule your appointment today.

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