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Do You Need Sleep Apnea Treatment? 7 Signs You Are Not Well-Rested

sleep apnea treatment

People may joke about their significant other snoring bulldozer. Some folks may say they’re as tired as the dead. But sleep disturbances and overwhelming fatigue affect your ability to function properly, and impact your overall health and wellness. It isn’t necessary to simply tolerate sleep troubles, whether in yourself or your significant other. Sleep apnea could very well be at the heart of your sleep problems, and your dentist’s sleep apnea treatment in Red Bank, NJ, can help. Continue reading

4 Reasons Why So Many People Love Invisalign

love invisalign

The thing to do when you’re a teenager is complain about your braces. The thing to do when you’re an adult is complain about your health problems. But for Invisalign-wearers of any age, there isn’t a lot of complaining to be done. Invisalign is a straightforward orthodontic treatment, and even though it must be worn the majority of every day, the procedure still carries with it a level of freedom. People love Invisalign – for many reasons. Continue reading